May 28, 2008

A little fun

We've been busy the past 10 days since my arrival. My brother had been on vacation and we've taken care of odds-n-ends, errands and sorting decades worth of household belongings in the basement. A little clowning goes a long way - especially if the engine is not turned on.

May 15, 2008

Remodeling Update and Farewell

You've been hearing about it and 'suffered' because of it by not seeing regular posts - so here is a photo update of what the apartment looks like as I am departing Budapest for some R&R in the US.
There is not enough light to appreciate it, but the entry way is a bull raging red. The glass in the doors had been replaced with frosted glass to allow light without visibility. Imagine the curiosity when the red will come through the frosted glass. A highly unusual color in Hungarian households.
One could not have a tame color to follow the red, so a stronger ocher yellow greets in the hall. A beveled edge mirror that had been neglected behind furniture for too long, had finally found a home - nicely framed by the entry.
The dining room is a softer yellow. The bit of stained glass you see belongs to the bathroom door. I will not show it to you as the wallpaper (the only room in the house) was not yet hung when I took the photos.
View of the huge door separating the living room from the dining. Extra decor was added to emphasize the doors (this and the one separating the living room from the bedroom). The room is approximately 18' x 18' and almost 16' high - these doors are very befitting its majesty.
There are L shaped windows to the street that are overwhelming in height from one's waist to the ceiling. Lots of light and lots of weather coming in - which the radiators that will be placed under the windows should take care of.
The ceiling received a much more modest decor than it had previously but I think the borders more than make up for this in visual affect.
The bedroom is a 'girlie' color of salmon. There will be shades going into the bay windows and curtains straight across. Previously had a love seat there but now I'm thinking of a mosaic top table with a couple of chairs and a plant.
I now regret not adding the extra decor around the door from the bedroom to the living room, but such is life. There are now enough electrical outlets and placed properly along the floor rather than in the middle of the wall. Telephone jacks, internet connection and cable outlets are also placed inside the walls for a functional luxury.

Light fixtures will be added after the floors are polished as that will create too much dust. New handles are affixed on all the doors and it feels great to walk through and imagine the final look.

The floors will be polished and lacquered next week - this I will have to wait to see upon my return.

May 10, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

A greeting in honor of all Mother's with a photo from our trip to Rome. This is the first time I've visited this late (generally I go in February or late fall) to see the display of azelia on the Spanish Steps. What a site it was along with the view from the top of the steps, the short walk through the park and down to Piazza del Poppolo. May you have a beautiful day!