August 29, 2009

Farewell to Matyi

A little over two weeks-ago my favorite of the cats had to be put to sleep. She drastically lost lots of weight and showed up one day from the attic and was not strong enough anymore to even walk.

Spent the day cradling her, praying and crying. By the end of the day her limbs were cold and eyes dilated so when the vet opened I've taken her in to be relieved of further suffering.

According to the vet it is an untreatable disease that attacks the immune system and is very contagious. Now I'm watching the other cats to see what will happen. Gigi spends too much time laying around day and night and merely licks the juices off the food, so I'm bracing myself.

So the photo on the right of the screen is now minus one furry friend, the black beauty who had the most rambunctious personality of the three.