September 09, 2008

Beauty is as Beauty Does?

"Extra kilos? Cellulite? Get rid of them quickly and inexpensively at Claudia Salon" Oh, don't you wish you could walk into Claudia's and walk out with a pair like that? I do, but I'm afraid it works like that only in the ad. Nice thought in any case.


USelaine said...

At the thumbnail size on the CDP portal, I honestly thought this was a poster of a pair of elephant backsides! Seriously! the little fingers of each hand looked like the tails...

Talk about magical thinking!

Snapper said...

There ought to be a law about truth in advertising! Cheers from BC.

Jilly said...

This made me laugh! Dreams indeed and an exaggerated photograph of course for the advertising.

Malyss said...

I would appreciate the same advertising with a man on the picture..^-^

Double "D" said...


I just have to say this.
Is this your idea of putting
your image in each shot as
a way to sign your photos. Heee!
Forgive me.

Isadora said...

I see it had an affect on all of you as it did on me :)

USERLAINE: Sorry, I don't see an elephant, only a dream :)

SNAPPER You've said it.

JILLY: Anything for a laugh. :)

MALYSS: Do you know any men who worry about cellulite? :) But I know what you mean and it would be nice. See if I can find one for you.

DOUBLE "D" You flatterer, you!! Don't I wish it were the case :) Hey, if I send you a dollar, would you spread that around as a fact? :)

Double "D" said...

I'll do it for free!
Now every time I open your
blog I'll think of this photo!
It will always be Isadora's
signature to me.

marley said...

Great capture. Very pert!!

Jackie said...

Heh - if only it were that simple!

When I was in Romania a couple of years ago I had an allergic reaction to a mosquito bite, and so I went to the pharmacy to see if I could get anything for it. As a result of the bite I got cellulitis (inflamed tissues), and having looked in the dictionary I knew how I was going to explain it, but the pharmacist was really rude to me. It was only afterwards that I realised that in Romanian the words for cellulitis and cellulite are the same, and she thought I was requesting medication for cellulite!

this too will pass said...

very cheeky