June 26, 2008

Edible Plants

One of my favorite flowers was planted in two spots in the spring. Nasturtiums are colorful, hardy runners - but to make it even sweeter to have in the garden is that both the leaves and the flowers are edible. The meager spot the first batch has was very grateful with many flowers.
This batch, on the other hand, had much more space and better soil - yet, produced only one flower but oversized round leaves. Go figure :)


Anonymous said...

so beautiful work

Anonymous said...

Fantastic colours!

marley said...

Yes, I forgot you could eat these. They taste peppery don't they?

Nice colourful photo.

Janice Thomson said...

I love nasturtiums and get them every year - mine are the trailing kind and are great in hanging baskets. I love the fragrance of them too. Beautiful photos Isadora.

smilnsigh said...

Love Nasturtiums, and love to see them used on a salad, etc. :-)

'Photos-City-Mine' {use, now & then}
'Smilnsigh' {in constant use}

Small City Scenes said...

The crazy thing about nasturtiums is that they thrive in poor soil. If you baby them and use fertilizer they will produce huge leaves and few flowers. As you said--go figure. MB