July 05, 2008

An Intimate Look

We all look for different things in a place to live - but bathrooms are very special to me. Although my current is very small - and yes, size does count - it is the room that gets special treatment. The shower is large and freestyle due to the shape of the room, oriental wallpaper finally found a home and tell me that carpet doesn't just say 'welcome'?


Anonymous said...

You guys are so nice to stop and leave generous comments about my work. I do like the animals.

I love what I do. It is super-special to be able to be alive, retired, own everything and be free from pain. Just imagine that.

I am nuts about my wife after 53 years of being married and us having 5 children; three of whom are half a century old or older. Think about it.

I come to repay your visit, and I see what you have posted.

I read what you have written and saw your photography and it is all inspiring to me. I never get to see bathrooms from other parts of the world. The most remarkable were the slits in floors of speeding trains in Japan in the 1950s and you squatted and watched the tracks fly past. It was also that way in hotels.

Now I have seen your bathroom and it is so modern and I like it.

I am a person of ideas and the wheels begin to turn and tomorrow one of my blog posts will be published because of what I saw here first.

Thanks for the visits and comments.

Abraham Lincoln
—Brookville Daily Photo

Isadora said...

See, bathrooms ARE a source of inspiration. I knew it! :)

Jim said...

This is yours? Very nice. I like the glass blocks.

ellen b. said...

That is one great looking bathroom. I used to clean houses for a living so my first thoughts about bathroom design and size always goes to how hard is this to clean?? I'm doomed.

marley said...

I like the glass blocks too! It is a very stylish bathroom indeed.

Sandy said...

Fantastic. I like everything about it and enjoy seeing people's interiors.

Carletta said...

This looks inviting!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today for a visit.

I've enjoyed my visit here - very nice.

sonia a.m. said...

You have a very chic and nice bathroom!

Pietro said...

Your bathroom is very elegant.
I like the shower: it must be comfortable.

Janice Thomson said...

Yes very elegant Isadora - I love it!

Isadora said...

Thank you for your comments. So I'm not the only one in whos' heart the bathroom holds a special place. My only problem with it is the fact that it is so small.

The mirrored wall did help make it appear larger. I've removed the tub and installed the large shower with the glass bricks and the bidet. Sometimes I regret losing the tub, but such is life. Overall, I am happier with the results this way.

I was fortunate enough to find in the US a Persian runner with the identical pattern of the one in the bathroom. Unfortunately, I could not bring it with me as I've had too much luggage - but it will be placed in front of the row of bookshelves in the living room.

Once all the minor finishing touches are completed on the apartment and the furniture will be moved back - I will be showing the rest of the apartment.

Enjoy your week-ends and thank you for visiting.

Clueless in boston said...

Great looking bathroom. The mirror does make it appear larger.

Anonymous said...

It may be small, but it looks interesting.
And very well cleaned, which is something real important to me!

smilnsigh said...

Though you say it is small ~ You've done everything right!

Mirrors and a light, neutral, simple look. Wonderful!

I love to see interiors! But I've already said that, a couple of times. :-)

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