July 01, 2008

Theme Day?

This was a very confusing issue. On the website I THOUGHT the July Theme is about "No....." signs. Unfortunately, could not figure out how to add my page to the list - so if anyone can help, please speak up.

Tried to look at other sites but there was no unity that I could pick up on the several that I've checked - so I'm proceeding on the lead I saw.

In Hungary there is no real 'No Trespassing' sign, instead there are signs claiming that one must be beware of dog, or that the dog bites as in this example. Happy July and happy theme day to all of you....whatever theme you chose to display.


marley said...

Nice choice for the Theme Day :)

You probably couldn't sign up as there is a cut off date. I think it was Sunday sometime. Glad you still joined in though!

Janice Thomson said...

Yes, unique choice for the theme. I did not know there were not any "No Trespassing" signs in Hungary - one gets the message loud and clear with the dog sign though :)

Wanda said...

I'm so sorry I haven't been here for a while...I lost your bookmark, and couln't remember your blog name.

The pictures a great, I have you in my favorites now, so I'll be back.


George Townboy said...

Hello Isadora! Great choice for Theme Day. I can't ever figure anything out on the CDP portal either, lol.

Anonymous said...

Do I see a kitten hidding?