December 06, 2008

The Dark of the Morning

For some reason (perhaps the rain clouds) it is as dark at 7 a.m. as if it were the middle of the night. The weather is mild but it had been raining every afternoon and during the night for the past week. Strung my 'icicle' lights indoors and the combination/contrast of the dark and bright things got philosophical. I would like to wish you all a wonderful week-end for whatever you set out to do. Maybe Kenny Rogers will help you also to set priorities. How many of you remember this song?


Professor said...

My mom was the biggest Kenny Rogers fan in the world and loved that she could see him anytime she wanted on youtube. LOL

AVCR8TEUR said...

I remember this song when it was big on the charts. Thanks for the memories.

ocm said...

Wow...I do remember that song.

Funny you should mention things getting philosophical...they have been frequently for me. Enough so that The Gambler had me in tears. I guess it's time to figure if I need to hold or fold.

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the Christmas season!!
: )

Isadora said...

Music is a wonderful mood adjuster and anesthetizer. Spent quite a bit of time yesterday on facebook to compile a music list - afterwords it felt as thought I've been on a trip.

OMC - I knew there was at least one person who 'needed' to hear that message :)

Thank you for visiting and have a great preparation for the holidays.

sexy said...