August 31, 2008

Chapel in the Woods

No, you are not out of focus. The attempt was to take a photo of the inside of the chapel through the keyhole as it was locked and we could not go in. Not quite a success as you can tell.
This little chapel in the woods is an operating 'church' and the village priest goes to perform mass there every Sunday morning. Weddings are often held here - I'm sure you can see why - and the ribbons on the door were left by one such wedding party.
It is not easy to see especially when you don't know what you are looking for, but the reason I took this photo was to get the 'mud scrapers' at the bottom of the steps in front of the columns. What they are are metal blades set up straight by two pieces of metals dug in the ground. If the ground is muddy, people can scrape the mud off their shoes or booths before going into the church. In the old days, all households had those but I guess 'welcome mats' took their place and of course proper sidewalks removed the need for such equipment. I just enjoyed being reminded.


ocm said...

Brilliant! That is one of the quaintest little kirks I've seen...where is it located!!???

I love seeing your photos...they do make me long to return to Magyarorszag!!!


: )

USelaine said...

That's a lovely set. I like getting both the overall and the detail together. I lived in an apartment in Sacramento that was in a former mansion. It had a boot scraper at the stairs too.

Janice Thomson said...

I loved this - when you enlarge the first photo you can actually make out the altar. Gosh shoe scrapers really are a thing of the past aren't they. What a neat old church.
Beautiful photos.

Laurie said...

I really like the keyhole shot experiment! Beautiful place.

marley said...

I like the key hole shot. You can make out something gold snd shiney. Its a lovely church and the boot scrapers are a great reminder of times past. My door mat says "Wipe Them!" :)

mirage2g said...

This small chapels are so interesting...I saw lots of them coming from Vienna to lignano, Italy and I took lots of photos!

Carlos said...

Hi Isadora,
Thanks for your visit. How did you find me? It's curious because Budapest is one of the places me and my wife are planing to visit. I've been taking a look at your archives and what an amazing collection of photos you have here. I promise I'll return with more time.
I also liked your Apples and Women. You couldn't be more right about that.

Hugs from Lisbon.