August 30, 2008

An Old Fashioned Farm

Another day trip to an operating horse farm to the north of Lake Balaton. I remember riding on horse drawn working vehicles like the one on the photo, but that was a long time ago. Have you been on a hay ride?


Laurie said...

Isadora, this looks like a picture out of a fairy tale! I love it. In Texas, where I'm from, I went on lots of hayrides. But the scenery looked nothing like this and more like a scene from a Western movie, and many of the rides were in the back of pick-up trucks rather than horse-drawn wagons.

Janice Thomson said...

I love going on hayrides around Christmastime - it's a fun way to spend Christmas Eve with friends and family. Wonderful photo Isadora - right out of the 'Good Old Days'.

Luke Wiley said...

Have not been on a horse ride in a while.