February 28, 2008

Demonstration on Hero's Square

This photo is taken from front of the gold gilded museum we've seen earlier. Does anything look odd to you in this photo? I was simply stunned by the democracy a la Hungary - the demonstrators are cordonned off!! Hmm


marley said...

Nothing like a free willed demonstration! In london they've banned demos by the House of Parliament. Today protesters got on the roof! That worked well then!!

Zsolt said...

they cordonned them preventing them to fight. A couple of months ago the same guys ruined the entire downtown....in the name of democracy:(

Jim said...

They put them behinds fences here too. They call it a "free speech zone"

Chris said...

Interesting that they cordon them off. Sometimes it happens here, too.

To answer your question about my mood and weather. . .I absolutely HATE cold weather and snow, so when it's cold/snowy, I tend to be a bit less cheery than normal. If the sun is out, I'm a different person.

Joy said...

The structures remind me of Paris and Brussels. I don't know why.

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Beantown Today said...

Great looking monument!

Clueless in boston said...

Is this square a usual spot for demonstrations? I guess it is a slippery slope from cordoning off demonstrators for their own protection to banning them altogether.

Happy Friday! One day until the weekend!

Wanda said...

I was taken by the beauty of the statues onthe wall.