February 19, 2008

Vajdahunyad Castle and One of the Vendors at the Fair

The Vajdahunyad Castle is an interesting composition of many architectural styles in one structure built as an architectural study. It is located in City Park behind Hero's Square and across the park from the Szechenyi baths (we'll also visit there in a few days) It was a nice day to be in the park.
There were many interesting displays of artists and sweets but being sensible for once, I chose the dried fruit offering - we can all stay healthy and not tempted too much. (From the top: pineapple, fragrant cantaloupe, wild strawberries, peaches, apricot and cranberries. You may purchase 10 dkg of any of these delights for 500 Ft. ($1 = 170 Ft.))


quintarantino said...

That seems to be a nice castle. Are we going to see more of it?

Dried fruits?
Count me in!

Beantown Today said...

Beautiful building! And nice looking display of dried fruit ... I'll take 1000 Ft.

dot said...

The dried fruit sounds delightful! I do hope you will be able to show us more of the castle.

Zsolt said...

you made a great photo about the castle:) brings back the mood of the place!

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Clueless in boston said...

The castle certainly looks interesting. I'm glad you made a healthy choice "for once." The apricots and cranberries sounds good to me, what did you get?

Lori said...

The castle is gorgeous. That's such a beautiful setting for the fair. The dried fruit looks delicious too. I've never seen cantalope like that before. The pretzels next to the fruit look good too!

g_mirage said...

I would surely enjoy those dried fruits!

The castle looks so much like the castles shown in the movies...with vast grounds like that. (Horseback riding? Ohhh, so nice!)

Jim said...

I love the castle. I would try the dried fruit, never had it before.

Isadora said...

Thank you for coming by and leaving your comments - it is as the day was, a breath of fresh air.

Unfortunately, I did not get any better shots that day of the castle. The Mangalitsa festival was being held at the time and there were TOO MANY people there for it to be enjoyable for me so I stayed away.

joy said...

I love castles and I love fairs! Wish I could hop over to your city now! Wonderful photos!

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Marja said...

Oh what a lovely castle. I love castles. I have visited a lot in Holland and germany.
Yum dried fruits

Elizabeth said...

Amazing pictures.
Greetings from Marrakech.