November 05, 2007


On my way to work I've looked to cross the street and look what caught my eye. Among the drab old walls there is a new, vibrant sign inviting people to a dance studio. The name is Ladies Choice (Holgyvalasz = Holgy (lady) valasz (among other meanings, this time it is used for 'choice'). If contrast stirs your soul as it does mine, this will be for you. Enjoy :) Click on the photo to enlarge it and bring you up-close.


Lynette said...

If that sign doesn't attract business, I don't know what would.

Lynette said...

Thanks for visiting with Flat Stanley. I agree with you about the stove, Isadora. It certainly caught my eye, standing there in the corner radiating heat.

Gudl said...

That is really an interesting picture! I am glad I get to know Budapest!It reminds me a lot of a German city.

MedaM said...

Thanks very much for dropped by on my blog and for your comment. Your blog is wonderful. I really enjoyed looking at the photos of your beautiful city.

Anonymous said...

Hello Isadora!
Thanks for your visit my blog.
I have explained my ice work in
blog. this "an art piece" was just accidentally born as you can find out from my DP blog :))
I have been in Budapest, but almost twenty years ago. I remember the river and bridges and beautiful lights of night - hm, I was twenty years younger then ;)Yes, I remember something else, we were in concert in very beautiful church with a good acoustics.
It could be nice to visit again.

Lori said...

Hi Isadora, thanks for visiting my blog the other day. I would love to see Budapest some day. Everyone says it is so beautiful. It certainly looks beautiful in your pictures. This sign really does catch your eye!

Isadora said...

Thank you all for coming by today and glad that you enjoy the photos. I certainly do enjoy finding them.

Leena - know what you mean. I keep thinking that it is not only the places we miss, but being the age we were when we were last there. The church you've probably heard the concert was the coronation church - St. Matthews on Buda hill.

Do come back and if you do, look up my website for practical help.

Wanda said...

May I have this dance?

Sandy said...

wow...great photo.

I'll be back to look at more..