November 06, 2007

Just Like in the Movies

Took a different route to work as I had chores to do in the morning. This time I ended up on walking streets that had been created during the past few years to beautify and civilize the downtown area. Lovely.

Something did strike me as odd, there were too many yellow vested security people around. As I approached the Opera there was one posted in front of each building entrance. Too early for anything official to be going on, perhaps preparation?

As I got up to the Opera, there was a FOG in the air? Strange, it is a clear morning. But wait, what's the white stuff on the ground?
And Christmas decorations? Around here? no major stores and Louis Vuitton is on the other corner facing Andrassy...

:) I've found myself on a movie set! Just one of the many that is constantly blocking off parking spaces on the streets of Budapest. Did not stop to ask which movie was being filmed but caught a headline elsewhere that DeNiro was in town. Who knows, perhaps this is the set he works on.


~tanty~ said...

Beautiful photos!
I especially like the soft color of the building in the first photo.

FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Gorgeous photos! All of them are oh so beautiful :). I looked at the photos first (and when I saw all those wires on the sidewalk I though "wow, that's dangerous!"). You found yourself in a movie set. Amazing. Here you wouldn't be allowed to get that close and take photos! Lovely post.

Oh, and your blog finally shows on the portal. Congrats! :)

UPDATE: I am about to publish this and what do I see? You just left a comment on my blog! >8D

Lynette said...

So, is it fake snow? Your photos and your storyline are entertaining. I would have never guessed it was a movie set you had encountered.

Thanks for visiting Flat Stanley.

Gudl said...

Very cool!
Nice photos of downtown, too.
We have these 'Zones' in Germany, too, where no cars are allowed, just pedestians.

Isadora said...

Well friends, it is finally raining today - we've been promised for so long. It finally arrived and it is cold.

Thank you all for coming by - wish I could share some roasted chestnuts with all of you.

Tanty - that color would almost suggest a Mexican restaurant, no? :)

Fenix :) Yes, great minds think alike. I love seeing your photos and thank you for your visits. Now I have to figure out how to install the banner and continent list.

Lynette - yes, it was. It was too early for me to be quick enough and figure it out...then again, as I've said had no glasses that day. :)

Gudl - it is nice to see these streets. Not at all typical of Hungary and so with the downtown revamping a lot of these streets began to appear. I must say, it is a treat.

dive said...

Wow! Cool ,Isadora.
Are you going to sneak yourself into shot in the movie?

MedaM said...

I am glad that you love yellow roses and that you like mine that I posted. Thank you for your nice comment. :-)
Interesting post and wonderful photos, indeed! I really enjoy while looking at them. Two years ago I too found myself on a movie set. Richard Gere was the main character of the movie that was being filmed. I am sorry I cannot remember of it title. Unfortunately I couldn’t see Richard at least from the distance but I tried to take a photo anyway. I immediately was warned not to do that. Nobody was allowed taking photos. Yet I secretly took a photo by my mobile camera.:-)

Sandy said...

Oh great photos....enjoyed this.

p.s..thanks for your comments at my blog.


blueboat said...

lovely photos - I can see why your city is being used as a movie set - such fantastic architecture

alaya said...

i used to live in budapest a long time ago...
i recognized the city from some of your photos :) thanks for sharing