October 27, 2007

Budapest National Fair

Last month I've covered the BNV (Budapest National Fair) where the theme at the time was improvements around the home. Some of these things were unique, others very tempting. Those of you who are aware of my yearning for a large(r the better) home, will immediately understand the photo below.

Take a look at this unique hamock. Yes, you could too lie in it all day! I know I could. It reminds me of the one tied between two palms at the Young Island Hotel in St. Vincent. I can feel the ocean breeze.

What an amazing tree this must have been and what a feeling it would be to curl up in this chair. The surface was polished to a silky soft finish and you were enveloped in hundreds of years within a tree trunk. You must have some pretty grand dreams in a place of such inspiration.


FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

Great post! Those Persian rugs are so beautiful. That tree chair... Wow.

Kerri said...

Really neat shots! I love the hammock! I would probably fall out of it though!