October 25, 2007

Hospital Rules

Unless you read Hungarian this will not mean much to you - except give you the visual repression by its monopolizing size and dark, plain print.

The text reads: We request that patients do not take breakfast or lunch to their room but consume it in the lounge/lunch room. Underlined for emphasis. I guess food you bring in or even dinner is OK to take to your room? I would be the one to test it if I were a patient. :)

Below, it continues with a very Hungarian request - that patients do not take hospital utensils to their rooms. All of you know why? Because, everything that isn't nailed down.... it is a leftover habit from the communist days when it was thought that all belonged to the people. The people still believe they are simply 'borrowing' their own.

TOLNI - simply means PUSH and Kerjuk Becsukni - asks that you please close. Alas the Hungarian lesson for today.


smilnsigh said...

All patients have to got to the lunch room, to eat? What if one is in bed and can not get out of bed?


Isadora said...

You are right in your assumption, but it is a psychiatric unit, so that is rarely the case. I'm a counselor and have some colleagues/friends who work there whom I generally visit when I go for my control visit at the hospital.

Mountain Mama said...

Well thank you very much for the lesson. I have never been to Hungary and have never even heard the language as far as I know.
Thanks you also for the visit to my blog and the comment you left.
It's interesting that from my blog name you assumed I lived in West Virginia, and my banner made you think of Colorado. Perhaps the song Country Roads made you think of West Virginia. Actually I am in Washington State. I have been here all my life. And I live at the base of Chuckanut Mountain.
It's nice to meet you Isadora. Come visit me again. I do wish we could have tea and cookies but a little blog chat will have to do.

Isadora said...

Mountain Mama - I believe you are right, it must have been the song that made me think WV, and since I've never seen Washington State...how could I know about their mountains. However, my brother had spent time with the military in Seattle and said if he were ever to leave Massachusetts, that is where he would settle.

Tea and cookies sound lovely and thank you for thinking of it as well as visiting and leaving me a message.

I've two other girlfriends on the web and with time differences we do 'have coffee' together through the web. Wonderful thing this is, I think.