October 28, 2007

Hosok Tere a Little Differently

The impressive size and location of Hero's Square makes it a frequent visiting point for tourists and locals alike. Rather than treat you to the same visions, I took some photos of the statues only.

Does this not look like a heavenly battle about to begin? Sort of like mythology coming to life.
Looking at this one, I would love to know the artist's intention. There must be a story of what it depicts - the female leaning, the male figure holding a golden something...unfortunately, I do not know. :(


smilnsigh said...

Beautiful photos.

The last one is quite typical of a view of male and female, yes? The male striding tall, obviously some sort of a victor. And the woman at his side. Sort-of sharing his victory, but leaning toward him, showing a little bit of a submissive role.

Just my interpretation..


Steve Buser said...

Really impressive statuary. This is the kind you just stand and study for a while.

--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Isadora said...

Mari-Nanci - yes, you are probably quite right in the intent. Traditional roles.

Steve - yes, there are many beautiful statues in the monuments on Hero's Square, and people do linger.

Thank you both for coming by and leaving a comment.