October 08, 2007

Downtown Budapest - October 8, 2007*

This beautiful park (Erzsebet Ter) is in front of the Kempinski and the Le Meridien hotels in downtown. Because it is in the business district most locals run through it with heads down on the way to or from their destination. It is only the tourists, the young mothers with children or the elderly who pause to admire what a beautiful oasis it is in the middle of the city.

*I see a problem here. When it is morning of the next day for me in Budapest, the blog is still in the previous day US East Coast time. No, I didn't write 2 entries in one day, just appears that way. :)


Ackworth Born said...

A blogger tip for you.

When you make your post if you look down you will see "Post Options" - if you click on that it will show the date and time. By default this is set to when you create the post and continues to be that date/time even if you post it later - however you can edit the date & time to whatever you wish to appear.

Hope that makes sense

Hyde DP said...

another thing -- if you go to the settings menu you can change the time from blogger's default to your local time.