October 20, 2007

Long Week-End in Budapest

In remembrance of the 1956 revolution, Budapest is observing the 23rd as a holiday. It will mean a three day week-end for most people who worked today in order to make up for Monday.

Perhaps that is the reason for the light turnout at the district fair. Purposely stayed away from the political commentaries or photos, although at some point this week-end I may decide to 'treat' you to some.

The photos of the fare are far more colorful and less emotional. 1956 was of great significance to Hungary and Hungarians and being an emotional people, it is dificult to remember objectively.

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Gina said...

Very interesting. That's the sort of thing that as an outsider I would have never realized. Thank you for sharing all of these complexities. And I love the colors in the photos.