October 23, 2007

Update: Evening of October 22, 2007

Since I could not provide you more accurate information of last night's events, I would like to attach the following links for anyone who is interested.

There are other related links at the bottom of the article in case you want to read the background stories, last year's events that lead up to the current heated situation.


smilnsigh said...

I'm glad you cannot provide more on-the-spot details. If you had been there to do so, you might have been injured! And then, what could you report?

Wishing you well...


smilnsigh said...

And on a lighter note, I like your idea of using garlic toast, in place of a flu shot. Even though I don't really think it would keep all people with germs, away. What about other garlic lovers? They would not be deterred from coming close to you, and spreading their germs. ,-)

This is in regard to your comment on this entry of mine.


Isadora said...

Hi Marie-Nanci

Thankfully, this year there was not as much violence as last year after the leak of the tape where the illustrious had admitted to lieing to win the election.

About the garlic toast...I think most of us can not tell our own smell but are sensitive to others, so even garlic lovers would stay away from other garlic lovers...? just a thought though.

Thanks for coming back.