October 31, 2007

Hunyadi Ter

A few days ago I posted photos of the district fair held on Hunyadi Ter. It is a lovely old square in the 6th district just a couple of blocks away from me. There is an outdoor farmers market on one side and inside there are a variety of merchants from butchers to pickle sellers, green grocers, bakery and fish stand. The district government had quietly pushed through a plan where the beautiful building was to be sold and made into a building of fancy shops and restaurants making some room for these existing merchants in the basement. The park was also included in the sale for the purpose of an underground garage to facilitate the shops next door.

The outrage of another back-pocket deal without notice to the residents had some resonance particularly with the foreigners living here. A small victory won - for now. Just thought I'd share it with you.


FĂ©nix (Bostonscapes DP) said...

I hope it lasts. See my last post, same difference... In our case it's the BRA, looks like it happens everywhere. When I learned about Charlestown's fight I realized what the neighbors of Scollay Square must've felt when they couldn't stop the BRA from leveling their lively and unique neighborhood.

smilnsigh said...

Not a small victory! A big victory!

People who live in an area, must be always on watch. Those deals are always trying to be made. -sigh-

Heartfelt congratulations!


Isadora said...

Hello Fenix and Mari-Nanci: The reason I've linked the Caboodle article was to illustrate the general defeatist attitude of Hungarians. They've been 'had' for centuries so they accept it then complain about another thing done to make their lives harder.

I'm glad that the expats are stepping up and providing the needed voice to counter at least some of the insider dealings going on here.

A similar building block was pushed through on the corner to my other side - taking with it lots of homes, the neighborhood bar/diner and grocery. The mayor's wife purchased it for a pittance and moved everyone out. Not quite a year later she sold it for a handsome price to Irish developers.

Ladies, thank you both for your visit and thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hello Hunyadi square lovers!
Here is our video shot on the square (unfortunately only in Hungarian) - a architect/local dweller speaks about the history of the market hall, the importance of the open air market and the stupidity of the underneath garage project
- a guy from the civil group protecting the market -