December 27, 2007

Andrassy Boulevard in its Glory

I'm pleased with this attempt at evening photography while trying to capture the Christmas lights on Andrassy Blvd. Other than the minus two lanes of traffic, it has nothing to be ashamed of when compared with the Champs Elysee.


Gudl said...

the street with the Christmas lights looks very nice! good capture.

Sandy said...

So beautiful.


dive said...

Those trees are stunning, Isadora.
I hope you didn't get too much abuse from the drivers.

Jim said...

Its very pretty. The trees hanging over the road are neat when lit up.

smilnsigh said...

Oh so very beautiful a photo!

But please tell us ~ you did not endanger your life, standing in traffic, to take it, did you???? :-)


Isadora said...

Now you guys KNOW that I'd do anything for you to bring a good photo!! :) No, I was in no danger. The traffic was so heavy that nobody was going anywhere.

Thank you for visiting and leaving your comments. Just did my errands and returned home, turned the TV on and found that Pres. Bhutto was assassinated :( that is so sad not only for Pakistan, but what people are willing to do hoping they can get away with it.

Unfortunately, this will take Pakistan back several steps. A very difficult year ahead :(

Janice Thomson said...

A delightful photo Isadora. Love all those lights.
I saw that about Pakistan and would agree wholeheartedly. How awful...

Lynette said...

Ah, your very own sparkly, sparkly night. I love it. Thanks!

Sienna said...

One day I hope to figure out how to take beautiful night photos.

This is a great picture; I was going to ask the same thing, looks like that car pulling out to make for you.

Brilliant photography.

I am still trying to process the waste of life, the futility of murder, the turmoil Pakistan undergoes....a country awash with bloodshed.


Son Poemas said...

Very pretty.
I liked this photo.