December 22, 2007

Light Lunch with a Friend

Meeting friends and sharing some time catching up is what the season is about. A light lunch with fine company and wine is top of my list this year. How about you?


Oswegan said...

Where's the beef?

At least you have a bottle of red.


Curly said...

I don't do light lunches, always "pig out" at Christmas ha, ha!

Thanks for your pictures throughout the year, and for your contribution to the City Daily Photo network.Have a joyous Christmas and a Happy New
from South Shields Daily Photo

Gwen said...

What an inviting lunch scene, and I also will be catching up with friends, that's what the season is for, for me.:) Wishing you happy holidays and best wishes for the holiday season, Isadora!

Sonia said...

Beautiful table! Meeting friends looks great!

I wish to you and to your family a HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!

Janice Thomson said...

Mmm looks good!
Merry Christmas Isadora.

Sandy said...

That looks delicious. I have enjoyed your photos and hope you have a wonderful Christmas.